Hard-pressed to find the perfect heat press?

Good news – you’ve arrived at the home of Australia’s largest range of heat presses.

Whether you are just starting out in the business or need to ramp up your current operations, we’re the perfect company to partner with.

With over 15 years of experience in the business, we’re the only heat press company in the country with our own manufactured brands – Stockman and Galaxy. Both ranges are fitted with the highest quality heating platens on the market.
Strong and Eco-friendly, this platen has lead content and is made from a robust aluminium base.

And we don’t just stand behind the products we sell, they come with a generous warranty (not that we think you’ll need it).

Press us for more and we’ll deliver.

To find out more about our range, please explore our website.
Or if you prefer a more human touch, feel free to drop us a line 02 4334 3843.
Terry will happily share his knowledge and insights into the world of heat presses.

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  • Vivid Flex 5.5″ x 11.5″ HTV Bundle Pack plus bonus Adhesive vinyl sheets

    $59.70 $52.00
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  • Vivid Flex Christmas HTV Bundle Pack

    $58.50 $52.00
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  • Vivid Flex Mothers Day/Love HTV Bundle Pack

    $60.90 $52.00
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  • Vivid Flex Patterned New Release + Extras Bundle Pack

    $69.70 $65.00
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  • Galaxy Hat Heat Press with 6 Bonus Hats

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  • Hobby Press Pro

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  • JET-PRO®SofStretch™ Lightwear Heat Transfer Paper 25 Pack A4

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  • Print and Cut A4 Sample Pack

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