Transfer Papers

Heat Transfer Paper

Printed designs are transferred to shirts and other materials using heat transfer paper. An inkjet or laser printer is used to print the design onto heat transfer paper. Once the printed sheet has been applied to your T-shirt, press it using a heat press (in certain cases, an iron can do, but heat presses offer the most accurate results). The image adheres well to the fabric after you peel off the paper.

Transfer paper is a great way to personalise T-shirts, sweatshirts, umbrellas, bags, aprons and much more. The images you choose to transfer can be purely for fun or be used to promote your business, the choice is yours. With transfer paper you can transfer any image which can be printed to fabric, including digital photos, artwork, doodles, signatures, logos and so on.

Some Heat Transfer Paper Uses


Mouse pads




Promote your business

Tea towels



Leather goods

There is no cross-compatibility between heat transfer papers and inkjet or laser printers. For this reason, inkjet transfer paper is necessary if you have an inkjet printer. A laser printer will require laser transfer paper.

Inkjet Transfer Papers

Neenah Jet Pro Opaque and Neenah SoftStretch Transfer Papers is used for transferring photographs using inkjet technology onto textiles, CDs, glass, cups and other surfaces is known as inkjet transfer. Printing is done using a regular inkjet printer on an A4 transfer sheet. Generally speaking, you must print digital photos as mirror images (apart from some transfer sheets for dark material).

The transfer sheet is usually placed ink-side down on T-shirts or fabrics and ironed (without steam) onto them. A transfer sheet sometimes changes colour to signal when it is finished. When adhesive-based transfers are removed after cooling, they give off a glossy effect. A matte effect is achieved by peeling it off while it is still hot.

It is suitable for 100% cotton, polyesters or poly-cotton blend fabrics. This paper is manufactured in the USA and is without doubt the best long lasting type of NEW generation Transfer Paper available. Try some today and you will be amazed at its performance. Will not crack, will not fade, will not peel…… will outlast the T-Shirt.

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Laser Heat Transfer Paper

Using a laser printer, images are printed using dry toner powder, not liquid ink. Toner lasts much longer than ink – you can get thousands of prints from a single toner cartridge. Despite the initial cost of laser printers being higher, they often pay for themselves over the long run since you aren’t buying ink cartridges frequently. Additionally, laser printers do not dry up as the ink in inkjet printers do.

The term “self-weeding” will be heard when you browse heat transfer papers or learn about the process. Paper that is self-weeding does not require the unprinted parts to be cut or trimmed. The biggest benefit is saving time and energy as well as printing intricate designs that would be impossible to cut or trim.

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