About Us

Picture Perfect Products was born from the idea of putting dolphins as an image in the bottom of our backyard pool. Yes you read that right, we started this company and idea when we began the project of renovating our 70’s era backyard pool into something more modern . After designing and hand cutting tiles to create the idea I was dreaming about we decided there had to be an easier way.

So after much searching and research I found sublimation. We started just like most of our customers, making and creating images on tiles, mugs, clothing, you name it we tried it! But we discovered that there was a lack of suppliers and blanks in the Australian market. So, with an idea and a dream my wife, Deb and I headed to the USA to learn as much as we could about Sublimation and heat transfer and to build partnerships with overseas suppliers. We came home with a wealth of knowledge and contacts to get this company started and to help other people that were in the same situation as us.

Fast forward 12 years and we are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of heat presses, vinyl cutters, sublimation printers, sublimation blanks, heat transfer vinyls and adhesive vinyls.

As well as being the exclusive distributor for Galaxy Heat Presses, Neenah Papers, Vivid Flex Vinyls, we are still a family business at heart.

From little things, big things grow and we are proud to be a small family business.

We pride ourselves on knowledge, training and fantastic customer service. If you choose us as your service provider will be able to teach you everything you need to know to start your own Heat Transfer business, we know what it is like to come up with an idea that needs pursuing. So please jump on the phone to us now, we can’t wait to hear all about your ideas and creations.

Terry Rea

Company Founder and Director