HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl

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What is the best heat transfer vinyl?

The best heat transfer vinyl is one that adheres well to the material you are working with.  A good heat transfer vinyl will have a wide array of colours.  These will include a range of standard, glittered, flocked, neon, patterned and metallic options.  Apart from the aesthetics, there are other things to consider when choosing a heat transfer vinyl. The hallmark of a really good vinyl is that it sticks to the medium you are working with. Vinyls like Vivid Flex  are examples of high quality HTV vinyl.  HTV Australia is used to decorate T-shirts, clothes and fabric items.  Heat press vinyl and adhesive vinyl can come in a range of qualities.  You get the best long-lasting results using a high quality vinyl.  Once your decoration has been cut, you use vinyl transfer paper to place it on the item.  The vinyl comes with heat activated adhesive which activates when heat and pressure are applied, to adhere it to fabric or other mediums.  The higher quality the HTV vinyl, the better the adhesion, the better the results.

How long does heat transfer vinyl last?

The longevity of heat transfer vinyl depends on two things; the quality of the HTV and how well the HTV vinyl has been attached.  The process of adhering heat press vinyl, though simple, does have some rules that need to be followed for good results.  For effective heat transfer to occur, the pressure and temperature need to meet vinyl manufacturer requirements.  You need to apply the correct temperature during pressing.  If you use a poor quality HTV, your results will not last as long.  It is generally accepted a properly adhered quality vinyl will last 50 washes.  It can last longer, but the vinyl will begin to break down with general wear and tear.  Some things can improve the longevity of HTV vinyl.  Not using fabric softener, hot water or a dryer when washing heat transfer treated clothes will make them last longer.  Also soaking and bleaching will reduce the life of your HTV Australia decorated items.  In general, your heat transfer vinyl items should last at least 50 washes, and maybe longer if you treat them right.

Is heat transfer vinyl the same as iron on?

Is heat transfer vinyl like iron on vinyl?  Kind of, but no.  There are heat transfer vinyls (HTV) and there is iron on adhesive vinyl for shirts.  While they seem similar, the HTV will adhere better and last longer than iron on vinyl.  Once you use craft cutters to cut out your design, you will need a heat pressing machine to permanently apply HTV Australia to your fabric.  The heat press provides not only the right temperature for heat transfer, but also pressure to stick the vinyl to the material.  The last thing you want is your design falling off your tee shirt after only a few washes, which can happen with iron on vinyl and poor quality HTV vinyl.  A high-quality vinyl HTV and heat press will provide far better results than an iron on vinyl, every time.