Heat Presses

We have the largest range of heat presses available in Australia. With two major brands to choose from, the Galaxy and Stockman Heat Presses. We have all aspects of the Heat Transfer Press Industry covered.

Picture Perfect Products of Australia are the sole distributors of the Galaxy Heat Press Range and the Stockman Heat Press Range. With over 15 years of experience we have been involved with the design and creation of these presses. From our own experiences we have worked together with our machine manufacturers to constantly improve the machines to ensure we have nothing but the best machines to sell to our customers. This is one of the main reasons we are able to offer a lifetime warranty* on our heat press platens as well as 2 years warranty on our machines.

All our Stockman and Galaxy Heat Presses are fitted out with the highest quality heating platens on the market.  Strong and eco-friendly, this platen has less lead content and is made from a very rich strong aluminium base. The heating rods are submerged perfectly in the centre of a solid 8mm platen. Each platen is tested up to 5 times before being placed in the Heat Press.

So if its the very best of Heat Presses you are searching for or simply a lower cost Heat Press, then look no further.

  • If you are after advice before you jump in and buy a heat press, then please call us first on 02 43343843 or send an email with the contact form below.


1. Are you happy to risk buying a cheap unsafe Heat Press?
2. Are you prepared to struggle to learn how to use the Heat Press?
3. Are you prepared to search for the needed products to use with it?
4. Have you spoken on the phone or on SKYPE with the seller?

Did you know one of our most common conversations with people is that they bought a heat press online and it didn’t work or that it is over heating. We have even had a few people tell us that they started to spark or trip their power!

We back all our machines and have spent years perfecting so that they will do everything you need them to do, we offer a warranty that no other company has been able to offer and we are passionate about our machines.

With various presses and different sizes to suit your needs we have you covered. From our Hobby Press to our Auto Open Slider Galaxy 20 we have the best of the best to ensure you get the right heat press for you.

Our first recommendation is to stay away from eBay as this is a definite no no! … Why ?

Because there is so much more you will require and need to understand. Yes we’ve all seen them advertised for $300 – $400. Unsafe, not to Australian Standards, no support and 4 out of 5 don’t even turn on.