Photo Mug Package

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Our Photo Mug Package is the perfect package to get you up and running adding vibrant custom images to mugs, travel mugs, drink bottles and more.


What is included:

  • Galaxy Pro Mug Press with a smaller heat platen for drink bottles and other products.
  • Sublimation A3 Printer including the CISS inking system. The inking system is prefilled with 125ml of sublimation ink in each colour. The inking system allows a more economic print per page bringing the cost per print to approximately 4 cents. This printer can be used for everyday office printing not just heat transfers.
  • 100 A4 sheets of Sublimation Papers .
  • 2 Cases of 48 Orca Coated Sublimation Blank Mugs.

Training and support is the most important aspect of our packages, we don’t just sell the products and close the door. We make sure that you understand every process to help you succeed in making mugs successfully with our ongoing support.

Please visit our Learning Centre to better understand the heat transfer process and business.