Vinyl Transfer & Application Tape

Vinyl Transfer Tape

We have two types of vinyl transfer application tape available. The TransferRite 6585 is a medium tack application tape featuring a high grade saturated paper backing with specially formulated latex, pressure sensitive adhesive. We conveniently sell it in 10m rolls. Perfect for general purpose use, and as pre-spacing tape for decals cut into lettering. This application tape is easy to use, perfect for transfering to almost all surfaces. Works seamlessly with our adhesive vinyls and can be used in both a wet and dry application method.

Our paper-backed, medium tack transfer application tape is available in 1 metre rolls and A4 sheets and can be used for any adhesive vinyl transfer application. An adhesive vinyl decal is typically applied to your surface using transfer tape, which is basically a sticky paper that keeps all of your design together so application is accurate every time. Using the vinyl transfer tape (removed from the backing), you pick up your weeded decal and stick it to your surface.

Applying Vinyl Tape

We also offer heat transfer tape to transfer your Jet Opaque or Rhinestone design from the backing sheet to the heat press, and to keep them in place during application. Now it’s easier to keep your lettering straight or detail designs from shifting when needing to place on the garment in one piece.

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