Sublimation Inks

Picture Perfect Sublimation Inks

After 15 years of selling and testing all types of Sublimation Inks we are proud to introduce our very own picture perfect ink. Developed and manufactured to our specifications to ensure vibrant, vivid and accurate reproduction of all colours. No-one knows colour like Terry who has been in the colour reproduction publishing for his entire working career.

Fabrics Compatible With Sublimation Ink

As a rule of thumb, only polyester fabrics or polymer coated products can be dyed with sublimation ink. It can’t be 100% cotton! This is because sublimation ink can only be applied to polyester material. Some poly-cotton blends can be sublimated, however the print will be less vibrant and bright than when using 100% polyester. Sublimation does not add a layer on top of the fabric, so the material also needs to be white or very light in colour for your transfer to show up.

Sublimation Ink Transfer Process

Ink used in sublimation transforms into a gas when heated, which embeds itself in polyester fabric, or hard surfaces with a poly-coating. Upon cooling, it becomes solid and a permanent part of the fabric. In other words, the transferred design isn’t layered over the fabric, so there is no difference in feeling between the print and fabric underneath. This also means that your images are extremely durable, and under normal conditions your images will remain as long as the product itself.

Our Sublimation Inks Are Great For These Projects:

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