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Get Started In Sublimation With Our Sublimation Printer Package

Sublimation is a great way to transfer designs from sublimation paper onto a piece of fabric or other materials. However, getting started can be daunting as there are a lot of things needed. That’s why we’ve created this sublimation package. It’s got everything you need to ensure you can hit the ground running with sublimation!

Our A4 Sublimation Printer Package includes:

  • Epson WF2860 sublimation printer
  • Prefilled CIS Inking System- new updated CHIPLESS version CIS*
  • ICC Colour Profile (Mac or PC)
  • 100 sheets A4 Super Sub sublimation paper
  • 1 roll of Heat Tape
  • A selection of sublimation blank products
  • Pre-made ready to press sample prints
  • Link to download all product templates

Frequently Asked Sublimation Questions

Q. What is a Sublimation Printer and what products can I make?
A. A Sublimation printer uses special inks that when printed and heat pressed onto white polyester material or polymer coated products gives you a fantastic personalised photo gift.
Click here to check out our Sublimation Blank product range.
Yes, indeed you can make all of these products picture perfect with this Sublimation Printer.

Q. Why should you buy this Sublimation Printer Package from Picture Perfect Products?
A. The single most important aspect is that our printers come with an  ICC colour profile along with 100% online support to guarantee success.

Q. What is an ICC Colour Profile you might ask?
A. An ICC colour profile gives you perfect reproduction of all colours.
Watch Terry  explain all about the importance in this video below.
Video – Importance of ICC Colour Profile

Online Training and Support

For peace of mind and full support, Picture Perfect Products will set up your new Sublimation Printer and colour profile online using remote access via Team Viewer.
Video – Information on Team Viewer

Chipless System Information
Your Sublimation Printer will arrive preset up with firmware installed that enables the chipless CIS system to work this printer. This now means that there is no need to reset your ink cartridges when a message arises that they have run out of ink. The new chipless CIS systems are set up to continuously print, no longer will you have to reset/replace the cartridges or chips, so no more lost prints when the printer thinks you have run out of ink mid printing.

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