Sublimation Paper

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Paper that is exclusively used for sublimation printing is called sublimation transfer paper. It’s produced using a substrate that is generally similar to standard paper. Ink for dye sublimation is then added to the paper through a special coating. Specialty printing papers, such as sublimation paper, absorb and hold ink. Ink is released onto a blank surface (such as a shirt, vinyl, mouse pad or another material) when heated.

How Sublimation Paper Works

The ink used in sublimation transforms into a gas when heated, which embeds itself in polyester fabric, or hard surfaces with a poly-coating. Upon cooling, it becomes solid and a permanent part of the fabric. In other words, the transferred design isn’t layered over the fabric, so there is no difference in feeling between the print and fabric underneath. This also means that your images are extremely durable, and under normal conditions your images will remain as long as the product itself.

Our sublimation transfer and printer papers come in A3 and A4 sizes, and can be used in Epson, Ricoh and Virtuoso sublimation printers.

Picture Perfect Products has tested and tried many many different types of papers and now has available the very best paper on the market. It works well on all types of products and garments. With the correct time, pressure and heat it releases nearly 90% of the ink from the paper. This is one of the highest release rates of all papers.

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    Sublimation Paper

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