Direct To Garment (DTG) Printer

The Direct-to-Garment printing (DTG) process involves printing a digital image directly onto your clothing using advanced printing technology and inks. This process is similar to inkjet printing on paper, only you print directly onto fabric using a special water-based ink. By using this method, you can print any quantity of products at an affordable price with high-quality, full-colour designs. Any design is possible with our direct to garment printers.

When DTG Is Good For Shirt Printing

When you need many colours and a small order, DTG printing is perfect. The DTG print requests typically come from customers with different requirements than those who purchase high-volume screen prints. DTG printing differs from screen printing, aside from the technology, in that you can get greater color detail with DTG prints. While screen printing can result in beautiful art, it’s difficult and expensive, and it has to be done on a lot of shirts in order to be cost-effective. DTG prints tend to last the life of the garment when they’ve been properly pretreated and cured.

The Full Benefits Of DTG Printing

  • Reproduction of designs in unlimited colours
  • One-time jobs and short runs that are efficient
  • The ability to reprint quickly and easily
  • Quicker response time to market trends and higher output
  • Print smoothly over zippers, buttons, and other difficult textiles
  • Reduced training and labour costs
  • Simpler setup and smaller footprint

The DTG Printing Process

  • Pretreat the garment before it is used – Pretreatment is a process in which pretreatment fluid is sprayed on a garment and allowed to dry before printing on the garment.
  • The second step is to prepare your digital artwork
  • The third step is to print the design on the garment
  • The fourth step is to cure the ink on the garment – this ensures the ink will be permanent. A heat press is commonly used to finish DTG-printed clothing. A tunnel dryer is sometimes preferred by larger DTG operations.

You will need a DTG printer, a pre-treat machine, and a heat press to start DTG printing properly.

Our Roland VersaSTUDIO BT-12 (without heater) is an easy-to-use DTG printer designed specifically for cotton fabrics. In just minutes, you can print full-colour photos or other graphics directly onto T-shirts, tote bags, interior decor and more to produce high-value personalised goods and specialty items. Its compact, desktop size fits anywhere, including locations with limited space, such as gift stores, kiosks, and apparel shops as well as at temporary events. With a minimal initial investment, the BT-12 provides profitable personalisation services to draw more customers to your business. Contact us for a quote today.

DTG Printing FAQs

Is DTG printing eco-friendly?

In comparison to screen printing, DTG printing is a more sustainable business model for fashion. The main reason for this is that printing one-offs can prevent textile waste and overproduction.

Is DTG printing the right choice for my business?

Print-on-demand businesses will love it. A DTG printer allows the entire design to be printed at once. With DTG, colour counts aren’t a problem, so you can start printing right away. With digital printing, your order is fulfilled immediately upon receiving the print file. Printing with this model allows you to enter new markets and introduce new designs without losing any money. You can replace or discontinue the product if it does not sell. 

What’s the best wash method for DTG-printed garments?

You will be able to get a longer lifespan from your printed t-shirt if you wash it gently in cold water and hang it to dry rather than tumble drying it with multiple pairs of blue jeans on hot.

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