Iron VS Heat Press….which is better and whats the difference.

This is a question we get asked more and more often.

An iron is a great handy appliance that almost everyone has in their home. And more and more often we have a lot of customers who are starting out so the use of an iron is both practical and affordable. An iron can be used for applying heat transfer vinyls, inkjet heat transfer papers and even certain plastisol transfers. Irons prices start from $9 (Thank you  Kmart!!) and some can even cost more than a heat press (yes thats you fancy pants Tefal, Elna and others) With iron presses, cordless irons (yes these are amazing……if you like ironing,lol, digital irons,mini irons, the options are endless. We even have customers using hair straighteners to apply HTV (hack alert!!) on icy pole holders, lanyards and more.

But what is the downside to using an iron????
With an iron you can never get the three key features that a heat press will always offer. An iron gives you a setting option but you cant really be sure of the exact temperature and all irons will vary. An iron also doesn’t allow you to lock in a pressure so sometimes applying pressure to a product can be quite tedious and time consuming. And lastly the time needed when using an iron will almost always be increased if the design in larger than the size of the iron and if the iron runs colder/hotter on its setting.If doing multi layer items a small and simple design could end up taking about 5 minutes to complete.
Sublimation can also not be done with an iron due to the high risk of ghosting on the item, lack of pressure and varied temperature control.

So what makes a heat press the perfect addition to your hobby or business…. a heat press with give you equal,even and constant time, temperature and pressure. These are the key things you need when using heat applied products such and heat transfer vinyl,HTV,sublimation and heat transfer papers.