Specialty Presses

Galaxy Mug Press Pro

A fantastic addition to the mug world! This press offers supreme quality. Constructed using laser cut stainless steel to ensure a long lasting production life. This unit automatically starts and stops the countdown as you open and close the press using a magnetic switch. The Galaxy Mug Press Pro is capable of pressing 10 and 11oz mugs, travel mugs and drink bottles.

Galaxy Tumbler Press

The Galaxy Tumbler press is the latest model with a wide range of new and updated features. Available in three different press colours ( a perfect companion to the Hobby Press Pro

These presses are made to do the popular 12,20 and 30oz straight tumblers  (also coming soon) allowing for complete tumbler coverage  as well as standard 11oz mugs (2 at a time!!)

Compatible with a variety of different platens this press will be able to do bottles, latte/ conical bottles, wine tumblers and so much more. 

The Galaxy Hat Press

The Galaxy Hat press is ideal for those who need a versatile solution for their hat pressing needs.
With various extra attachment bases sizes to choose from it can cater for a wide variety of sizes (additional costs for the bases).

It is built to high standards with a solid steel structure and die-cast heating element to ensure no cold spots. Even heating and pressure are guaranteed on the entire heating element.

The Galaxy Hat press is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market today. The Galaxy hat press is perfect for more than just hats. From bags, pockets, sleeves and even collars this is the perfect all round press for those small quick presses.

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