Direct to Film (DTF) Print Service

Direct to Film (DTF) Prints On Demand

Picture Perfect Products is now offering a DTF Print on Demand Service.
DTF full colour prints are perfect for designs where HTV or sublimation will not achieve the results you require.

Simply send us your artwork using the form link below (as per our specifications listed). Specify your size and quantity, we will send back your quote. Once approved we will print your designs onto the film using high quality DTF printers ready for you to heat press onto your garments.

Application Information
A heat press is required to apply these transfers. Not a hand held device such as an iron or Cricut/Vevor Easy Press.
There are 3 things that are very crucial when applying these types of transfers or any heat transfers – time, temperature and pressure. An iron is too variable in these 3 important aspects.

Pressure is very important and with these new types of DTF transfers, the pressure needs to be applied by a machine and not yourself. So if you are using any iron or a hand held device such as a Cricut Easy Press or similar like the Vevor, you will have difficulties.

**Please note due to the nature of the DTF print process these prints are excluded from the same day dispatch.

  • DTF prints can be transferred onto all types of materials – cotton, polyester, canvas, denim, silk, rayon, terry toweling and more.
  • The transfers have a screen print feel and give a professional finish everytime.
  • Very easy to work with, no weeding required just press onto your garment.
  • Cold peel.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Simply press and peel
  • Must be applied with a Heat Press and not a hand held device such as a home iron or an easy press.

Artwork Guidelines

  • Files need to be either a Vector, PNG or EPS.
  • Preferred DPI is 300, the better the resolution the better the printed image will look. A higher quality file will help us provide a faster turnaround time and a more vivid print will be provided.
  • Artwork can be photographs, vectors, fonts and more
  • You can gang up as many images as you want to fit onto one sheet to  maximise your transfers.
  • For all vector files fonts need to be outlines. Fonts need to be supplied as well.

Artwork File Upload

Max. file size: 128 MB.
FILES REQUIRED: Vector, PNG or EPS Remember: A higher quality file will help us provide a faster turnaround time and a more vivid print will be provided.
Film Size(Required)
Will You Be Using A Heat Press to Apply These Transfers? (*Please note an iron or hand held device or easy press will not work with these transfers, you need accurate pressure, time and temperature)(Required)
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