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Adhesive vinyl Vs Heat Transfer vinyl


Adhesive vinyl Vs Heat Transfer vinyl what is the difference? Adhesive vinyl is a glue backed vinyl that is used in the same way a sticker is

What does a heat press do?


A heat press allows you to do a large variety of products that require heat to set or fix them permantly to a product. The most common

Iron VS Heat Press


Iron VS Heat Press….which is better and whats the difference. This is a question we get asked more and more often. An iron is a great handy

What is HTV??


HTV, or as its full name Heat Transfer Vinyl is a heat activated vinyl for the use on clothing and other heat resistant products. The use of

Sublimation Times and Temps

When sublimating different sublimation blanks there are a few variables to keep in mind. Each brand and type of heat press can have a different setting same