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Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment Printing

Why Direct to Garment Printing Isn’t the Solution!

In the printing industry there are a lot of choices, and as a consumer, it is important to make informed decisions about any product before you buy. You may be looking for only a small order of t-shirts made up for your rugby club, or you might be looking to purchase a press so that you can produce mass quantities of printed products on your own. In either case, be forewarned: direct to garment printing is just not worth the trouble.

In essence, the printers used in direct to garment printing are simply overpriced inkjet machines. The printers are expensive and often products made using them are expensive, especially when compared to what can be done with other printing options, like the heat press. Direct to garment printers usually require special software to operate the printer, and unless you pay top dollar for a printer, the quality can often be substandard.

The best option when it comes to printing is always a heat transfer system. This style of printing does exactly what it says on the tin: it transfers ink onto fabric using heat. The options when using a heat transfer press are limitless. You can produce anything from quality t-shirts, bags, and iPad cases, to even stubby holders. And an added bonus of using a heat transfer press: low environmental impact. The only waste that needs to be disposed of after printing is the carrier paper; there are no liquid by-products like with direct to garment printers.

For more information about heat transfer presses and products, you should consult with a leader in the industry like Picture Perfect Products. When looking for quality, it’s always important to go with the best.

The T-shirt Design and Printiing Business is one of the most exciting small investment -
High return businesses to start in Australia today. Almost everyone wears a T-Shirt and other imprinted garments.
If you have some great ideas and designs, a keen eye on the bottom line and attention to detail,
then it is not difficult to turn a profit in the T-shirt Design and Print Business.

       Basically all you need to start your plans are outlined below.
1. Desire, Motivation and Ideas.
2. Computer, most computers today are fine even laptops can be used. Actually laptops are
preferred as they give you flexibility to move from venue to venue.
3. Graphic Software, almost any decent graphic software package is fine.
Our preference for the learner or new person is Adode PhotoShop Elements.
If you are wanting to make vector files using either the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait Cutter / Plotter
then there is no need to worry about Software.
Both models come with easy to usesoftware, provided by Silhouette USA.
Plus you buy images and shapes from their online store.
If in doubt as what to purchase ask any of our Training Personel what is best.
4. You will need a place to put your Equipment, Printers,
T-Shirts and Consumables. Any Small Office, Bedroom or movable Market Stall is fine.

The T-Shirt Packages do not take much space at all.
The Area required is really quite compact.

The choice of where you sell and promote your T-Shirts can be varied.
You can sell via the Internet, Markets or if yourinvestment allows, open up a Shop.
Basically the places to sell T-Shirts can be anywhere.

Picture Perfect Products has been successfully helping customers add onto thier business or start out new in
The T-Shirt Business for the last 7 years. Knowing all the hows and whys developed over these years does
allow us to be the perfect partner in your new business venture.

Picture Perfect Products supply everything you will need.
Heat Press - T-Shirt Printer - Vinyl Cutter/Plotter - T-Shirts - Transfer Papers
Personal ONLINE Video Training Workings.
Full Support and optional Installation and One on One Individual Training.

Basically there is nothing left out.
Full Warrantees on all equipment from 12 months to 3years

This Complete Package could be yours for only $27 Per Week
Sell 2 T-Shirts a week.....Yes.... only 2 T-Shirts
The rest is profit.  Mini-Lease the Equipment

No ABN is needed

Picture Perfect Products is a proud Australian Company 7 years in the Business.
We have helped hundreds of customers become independant and
run highly profitale successful Businesses all over Australia.

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Here is a Link to A SUCCESS Story of someone that made T-Shirts his Business.

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