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Welcome to the "SUPER STORE" of Heat Transfer and Sublimation - Largest selection of HEAT PRESSES in Australia - Iron on Transfer Paper - Great Range of T-Shirts. 
Here you will find the largest variety of Sublimation Blank Products - Smart Phone and Tablet Cases - Blank Coated Mugs - Blank Stubby Holders - Business Start Up Packages.
Plus all types of Desktop and Wide Format Printers - Sublimation Printers and Inks - Continuous Ink Supply Systems
with full support using www.SKYPE.com
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How To Start A Photo Gift Business Australia

How To Start A Photo Gift Business Australia

The Photo Gift and Promotional Products Business is new, exciting and 
was voted  the most profitable Small Business Opportunity in Australia for 2012.
Picture Perfect Products has put together this very special Package.
All the guess work is gone.......Everything you need is included.

1. Licenced Sublimation Printer Package,

2. Commercial Individual STOCKMAN Heat Presses
The " Colt " Flat Heat Press 
The " Bilby " Mug Press
The " KookaBurra " Hat Press

3. Training DVD's and by appointment a FREE 2 -3 Hour Workshop
4. All the start up polpular products needed, plus a huge discount on your first order.


Producing T-Shirts, Mouse Pads, Stubby Holders, Hats Caps, Bags, Baby wear, Photo Mugs
and a raft of other popular profitable products has never been easier.
If your desire is to work from home, markets, online or as an add on to your own business then look no further.
This is what you have been searching for.

Picture Perfect Products do not just sell the Equipment and Products.
We show, train and support you through each stage.
Ask about our Training Workshops. Ask about our personalised instruction on Marketing and Business Plans,
How to Design...Print....and Press Products.
Plus we introduce you to other suppliers and learn how to profit by linking direct with them.
Making the product is only the start..... showing you how to create a successful profitable Business is our GOAL........
So take your time, grab a coffee and read on........


Forget buying a Combo Press, they are unsafe, troublesome and an illusion.
They appear to be the perfect choice but quite frankly are a waste of money....

Knowing your initial investment costs is important, knowing your profit margin
on each product is a key area often over looked.
This is the key to your success.....knowing your gross and net profit margins.........

To print a full image top to bottom, side to side onto an A4 sheet of Sublimation Paper is as follows.
Paper and Ink costs are approx 90 cents. YES.....only 90 cents...
Add this to the purchase cost of your selected blank product.
For example a Stubby Panel costs $1.95.... T-Shirt $4.95.....
Coated Mugs $2.50 - $3.00 Coasters $1.00 and so on.
Visit our Sublimation Blanks Page to see all our product prices.
Compare these production costs to the advertised selling prices at the
different Photo Gift Outlets and you will be amazed at the gross profit margins
By comparing these prices you will see that if you sold all the products that are
included in your Photo Gift Package. Then your immediate return would be in excess of $1500.

No other NEW start Business offers this opportunity.

This is one of the many reasons why the Photo Gift Business Package
was voted Best New Business Opportunity of 2012.
There are no Franchise fees. It is low risk and has low investment cost.
Finance can be arranged if required as well at $24.75 per week.
(conditions apply )


1. Are you happy to risk buying a cheap unsafe Heat Press from eBay ?
2. Are you prepared to struggle to learn how to use the Heat Press  ?

3. Are you prepared to search for the needed products to use with it.?
4. Have you spoken on the phone or on SKYPE with the seller ?

If you have answered YES to one or all of theses questions.
Then go ahead, take the risk, take the chance but be wary and expect the worse.
HOWEVER..... if you have answered NO, then do yourself a favor.
CONTACT US and ask how we can help you choose the RIGHT Heat Press.

Picture Perfect Products is a proud Australian Company 7 years in the Business.
We have helped hundreds of customers become independant and
run highly profitale successful Businesses all over Australia.

    Would you like to know more about this Business Package ?

If youve ever wondered how to start a photo gift business in Australia, you might be surprised to learn that its actually quite easy. You need a little investment capital (only a little!) a printer, a computer, a place to work and the motivation necessary to succeed. Once you have those things, the next step is to find a business that offers photo gift promotional starter business packages and shop around until you find one thats a good value. Now, you may be concerned about getting ripped off and you should be. But that is where research comes in. Dont buy the first starter package you find, shop around. Be sure to look up reviews and check with your local business associations until you find a sound investment. Starter packages are the way to go, though, as they save you a fair amount of money and offer you the software and tools you need to learn your specific business and how it operates. Business that offer starter packages often also offer workshops and support to people just starting out.

Never underestimate the powerful resource you have in the internet, either. The internet is your place to go to evaluate your market, find your supplies and get support. Its also going to be your main marketplace, so be sure to get the word out about your product as you learn how to start a photo gift business in Australia. Marketing is one of the most important things you can spend time doing as you grow your business. In fact, its the only way to grow your business! These are the beginning steps you need to take to start working for yourself and create your own destiny.

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