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Easy To Start T-shirt Business Australia

Easy To Start T-shirt Business Australia

The T-shirt Design and Printiing Business is one of the most exciting small investment -
High return businesses to start in Australia today. Almost everyone wears a T-Shirt and other imprinted garments.
If you have some great ideas and designs, a keen eye on the bottom line and attention to detail,
then it is not difficult to turn a profit in the T-shirt Design and Print Business.

       Basically all you need to start your plans are outlined below.
1. Desire, Motivation and Ideas.
2. Computer, most computers today are fine even laptops can be used. Actually laptops are
preferred as they give you flexibility to move from venue to venue.
3. Graphic Software, almost any decent graphic software package is fine.
Our preference for the learner or new person is Adode PhotoShop Elements.
If you are wanting to make vector files using either the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait Cutter / Plotter
then there is no need to worry about Software.
Both models come with easy to usesoftware, provided by Silhouette USA.
Plus you buy images and shapes from their online store.
If in doubt as what to purchase ask any of our Training Personel what is best.
4. You will need a place to put your Equipment, Printers,
T-Shirts and Consumables. Any Small Office, Bedroom or movable Market Stall is fine.

The T-Shirt Packages do not take much space at all.
The Area required is really quite compact.

The choice of where you sell and promote your T-Shirts can be varied.
You can sell via the Internet, Markets or if yourinvestment allows, open up a Shop.
Basically the places to sell T-Shirts can be anywhere.

Picture Perfect Products has been successfully helping customers add onto thier business or start out new in
The T-Shirt Business for the last 7 years. Knowing all the hows and whys developed over these years does
allow us to be the perfect partner in your new business venture.

Picture Perfect Products supply everything you will need.
Heat Press - T-Shirt Printer - Vinyl Cutter/Plotter - T-Shirts - Transfer Papers
Personal ONLINE Video Training Workings.
Full Support and optional Installation and One on One Individual Training.

Basically there is nothing left out.
Full Warrantees on all equipment from 12 months to 3years

This Complete Package could be yours for only $27 Per Week
Sell 2 T-Shirts a week.....Yes.... only 2 T-Shirts
The rest is profit.  Mini-Lease the Equipment

No ABN is needed

Picture Perfect Products is a proud Australian Company 7 years in the Business.
We have helped hundreds of customers become independant and
run highly profitale successful Businesses all over Australia.

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Here is a Link to A SUCCESS Story of someone that made T-Shirts his Business.


Is An Easy To Start T-shirt Business in Australia Just What You Are Looking For?

T-shirt businesses have become a choice mode of making money as they are easy to setup, low investment and low risk. The Internet has pushed it forward by providing a level playing field. It does not matter your experience, business setup or strength, you can get online, showcase your products and make business. Millions are going online to select and buy their t-shirts. A wide variety of designs and colours, less expensive materials and quick delivery has increased the confidence of consumers.

There are now many competitors on the Internet trying to market their t-shirts. Most of them try to cater globally to have a wider spread. Australia is unique and so are t-shirts for the country. Knowledge of country, its climate, choice of people, culture and needs is the key to an easy to start t-shirt business in Australia. Who better than Australias own people? With this knowledge of target audience and easy access to local designers, suppliers and proximity to consumers, it is easy to start t-shirt business Australia. IF you have your goals fixed and a passion to succeed then this is sure shot success

For a start you need to find supplier who can provide you with your starting package. They should be able to provide the technology and training. They can handle everything from taking orders to printing and delivering your orders. You can concentrate on your business of making better t-shirts and new designs. If you are already working in a t-shirt business then you can benefit from collaborating with an Australian supplier providing all aspects of technology such as printers, heat presses, cutters, heat transfer papers and more under one roof. This streamlines your business to serve Australia quicker and cheaper.

A T-shirt business is easy to start and handle. T-shirts with Australian design will surely show the love for your land and will get you noticed no matter where you wear them. Their cost and quality will make it your favourite.

Concert Shirts
A live performance T-shirt is a T-shirt that is affiliated with a live performance or a live performance trip, generally rock or metal. Bands and melodious groups often encourage themselves by conceiving and trading or giving away T-shirts at their shows, trips, and events. A live performance T-shirt normally contains fine thread screened graphics of the title, logo, or likeness of a melodious entertainer. One well liked graphic on the back of the T-shirts is a records of data about the band's present trip, including tour towns (sometimes identifying venues) and corresponding dates.
One of the most well liked colors for concert T-shirts is a flat black. Fans purchase or obtain these tops to wear to future concerts, often with casual trousers, dark tinted trousers or dresses. followers may wear the top of one band to a concert of another to display their flavour in a specific kind of melodies or loyalty to another band or kind of melodies.ess simpler than ever:
Tourist Shirts 
A tourist T-shirt (or souvenir T-shirt) is a shirt associated with a journey or vacation. In latest years T-shirts have become a well liked gift or souvenir no issue which country or town the person has gone to. Tourist T-shirt designs are normally printed with images and phrases directly associated with a specific town, homeland or culture. The T-shirts express or display certain thing about the place or locations a person has been. Tourist T-shirts are generally a cheap souvenir and therefore a popular shopping piece throughout overseas travel.
Sports Team Printing
Whether it’s a childrens team, high school basketball team or even a recreational volleyball association, the one thing that every group desires is a way to effortlessly recognise their players. So what better way to recognise each contestant than by putting a name and number on the consistent that they are wearing?
Using heat-applied graphics is the easiest and most economical way to number uniforms.  All you need to do is print a graphic on the specified paper type and follow the very simple heat printing directions utilising your heat press and you can customize a garment in less than 10 seconds! 
Some advantages of heat press printing:
• we set up our packages to teach you from the get go
• make one-of-a-kind, one-by-one pieces
• Portability of equipment
• The proficiency to create anything from a one-color to full-color design at minimal cost
Ways to promote YOUR Heat Press Business
1. Place you business name inside the garment where it cant be seen when worn (such as a tag) for free advertising to whoever purchases the final product.
2. Sponsor a sports team or recreation league and make the uniforms for them  yourself. Press your business title or logo on the back or arm for added publicity. (By extension fans may want to buy team shirts for themselves so they will come to you for them).
3. Contact the schools/educational institutes in your area to inquire about mass producing products for their stores such as clothing pieces, bottles, etc. Also try to advertise in school news letters. 
4. Decorate your Business area with past works/jobs to show off to new potential customers. Try to include more than just shirts to show of the many possibilities. 
5. Try using your heatpress in a publically visible spot to gether the attention of people as they pass by as they may be intrigued as to how the items are made and would like to learn how.
6. If it relates to what they are ordering maybe try to get them to order another object with the same logo. An example is if they ordered sports teams shirts then maybe you could convince them to also get Water Bottles or Stubby Holders with the teams logo on them too. 
7. Done jobs for a school, team or business? If they have a big fair/open day ask them if you can advertise or set up a stall. Be sure to bring a long some of the products you made for them to show off and to attract people. 
8. Social Media. Promote your products with a website, facebook page, twitter etc. Do not be afraid to fit these somewhere on the products you make (As mentioned before somewhere that can't be seen when used/worn such as a tag).

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