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Heat Press Platens

Saying all Heat Presses look alike is like saying all " CARS " look alike.
Lift the bonnet on a car, lift the lid on a Heat Press Platen....Wow, now you can see the difference


When looking at Heat Presses either online or at a trade show or in a companies premises can all look alike. But are they, thats the $64 question. Over the years Picture Perfect Products have had the priviledge to have been able to sell many many models and brands of Heat Presses. The only company worldwide that were prepared to open themselves up to scrutineer was HIX Corporation of the USA. Up until now that is.

If you look closely at the picture below you will see why HIX HEAT PRESSES are the most sold type of Heat Press in Australia and the World. For over 45 years HIX Heat Presses have been known worldwide for precise, even heating, and long lasting castings. A copper sheathed heating rod is cast in an aluminum alloy for maximum heat transer on all of our 15" x 15" and 16" x 20" Heat Presses.

These heating rods are comparable to those found in industrial ovens
that heat up quickly, work efficiently and last many many years.
Some manufacturers use "Toaster Type " winding heat elements.
These can have cold spots that occur in each bend of the metal or they are just too thin to properly heat up the casting.
Look in your Toaster and see where the element does not heat at the bends. Other Manufaturers attempt to use two different heat elements. These must be exactly matched for electrical resistance or they will heat differently, causing one side of the casting to be hotter or colder than the other. Some even have crossing points where hot spots can occur.

With HIX's industrial quality heat castings, you gert a lifetime warranty and the peace of mind in knowing you have the best machine available that will last for many years to come.

Stockman Heat Presses        and        The Galaxy Heat Presses


         Now fitted with the NEW "RHINO" HEAT PLATEN

As with the HIX Heat Press Platens, all Platens supplied in our range of Stockman Heat Presses and the Galaxy Heat Presses follow the same guidelines.  All of the 15" x 15" and 16" x 20" Heat Presses are fitted exclusively with the " RHINO " Heat Platen. Unlike other chinese platens this platen is a moulded forged platen. The Heating Rods are cast at the same time as the aluminium is pored. There are no uncovered heating rods.

In the pictures below you will clearly see the difference of underneath of the commonly seen chinese Heat Platens sold by other companies and seen on eBay. Plus compare these to the NEW revolutionary "RHINO " Platen fitted to all STOCKMAN andGALAXY Heat Presses sold by Picture Perfect Products of Australia.

Note in the Chinese Platen the uncovered Heating Rods and hand made finish. Where as the RHINO Platen, everything is perfect manufactured for complete even heat coverage. No power leaks which can be dangerous and have been know to be deadly.


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