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Welcome to the "SUPER STORE" of Heat Transfer and Sublimation - Largest selection of HEAT PRESSES in Australia - Iron on Transfer Paper - Great Range of T-Shirts. 
Here you will find the largest variety of Sublimation Blank Products - Smart Phone and Tablet Cases - Blank Coated Mugs - Blank Stubby Holders - Business Start Up Packages.
Plus all types of Desktop and Wide Format Printers - Sublimation Printers and Inks - Continuous Ink Supply Systems
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Heat Transfer Business


The Biggest desire is the desire to be creative.
With that in mind ask yourself a few questions.
   * Do I have a computer ?
   *Does my computor have a Graphics Program.?
   * Do I know about the programs and how to create things for others. ?
   *Were the things I created liked by those who saw them ?
If all those answers were YES....You are ready !
If NO please call us on 1300766181 and we will be happy to help you.

How to Start
Now you are ready to decide on the items that you would like to produce.
FIRST: Make a column of everything you would like to produce.
Such as T-Shirts - Aprons - Tiles - Mugs MouseMats - Coasters.
Name badges - Ceramic Plates - Caps and Hats, etc.
SECOND Make another colunm with the heading Fabric.
From the first list remove everthing that would be made of cotton / 50/50 or canvas.

You now have two defined processes
FIRST:  are SUBLIMATION Products. Products which require a special sublimation Ink.
SECOND: are simple Heat Transfers. These use any INK JET Printer and our special
Heat Transfer Papers, such as Jet-pro softstretch for whites and light colours and
Jet Opaque Darkwear for black T-Shirts.

What items do you need ?
FIRST: All Sublimation Products require an Epson Printer, Sublimation Ink, Subliamtion Paper, Heat Tape, Felt Pads,
Teflon Sheets and a FLAT Bed Heat Press. Some other unique blank products require special heat presses like Plates
and Mugs.
SECOND: Heat Transfers to Fabric are the least costly for start up. All that is required is a Flat bed Heat Press,
Heat Transfer Papers and a Teflon Sheet. Your normal printerand ink are fine. This process will also allow you to
do items such as T-Shirts, MouseMats, Puzzles and Tote Bags.
By adding a Perfecta Cap Press you can also use the same process to produce hats and caps. Many businesses
also use the Cap Press to do shirt pocket creats, embroidered patches and many small jobs.
Your decision should be , on which items do you think would be the most saleable and how much would you
need to invest.

Who will purchase your products:
This is the easy part, we could make a very long list but lets keep it simple. For both the FIRST and SECOND:
you have many captive purchasers, - The School - Fellow Employees - The Church - Sporting Clubs - Local
Stores and Businesses, Internet Shoppers and basically everyone you meet day to day.

How to Advertise:
You, your children, your husband / wife, your family, your friends, online store, your own website, local gatherings,
polititcians, and every business you deal with. Personalised products are the largest growing "indemand" items
and are also the most profitable products in the world. Most businesses are very secretive about their 400% to
600% mark up and for good reasons. It has been said "competition can lower profit" and even proven simple math
" short supply = demand = BIG PROFIT.

How Much does it Cost?
HEAT TRANSFERS:  are you low cost option. Basically all you need is a Heat Press, Transfer Papers for
White and Black shirts, Teflon sheets and any INKJET Printer.  Cost would be a little over $1,000. Not bad when
you consider the potential to make many many more dollars. Most paackages we offer include between 20 and
50 T-Shirts. Based on a re sell price of $20. 20 times 20 = $400 or 20 x 50 = $1,000.
Nearly half or your full investment returened.

SUBLIMATION for PHOTO GIFTS are your next option. All you need is a SWING AWAY Type Heat Press
to press the thicker items like tiles and clocks etc. A Sublimation InkJet Printer Package, Transfer Papers, Heat
Tape and Blank Products, such as Stubby Holders, MouseMats, Coasters, KeyRings, Coated Blank sublimation
Mugs, Trophy Plaques etc.


If you are encouraged to learn more about these exciting and profitable world of Sublimation and Heat Transfers.
feel free to either call us on 1300766181 or send an email to our Training Team at staff@PicturePerfectProducts.com.au

We hold FREE Workshops and Demos in our Showroom here on the Central Coast of NSW, a short drive from
Sydney and an even shorter drive from Newcastle Airport. If you intend to fly into visit us, pick up and drop off to
Airport can be arranged. Heck, we can even organise overnight accomodation at one of the wonderful motels
here at The Entrance.

Thanks to JET STAR and VIRGIN Australia, air travel around Australia is now a low cost option.
So why not take advantage of it now. Come and visit us for a FREE no obligation Training Workshop.

* Come and meet us
* Watch the Printers print
* Use the Equipment
* See the Products

To get more information on what happens during a Training Workshop,
           CLICK HERE and visit our Training Information Page.

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