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Printer Inks are Important

How important is your ink? The type of Ink you use is more important than your PRINTER.
Yes you did read this right.!
Think about this: many printers use a type of ink that is very soluble and allows it to wash out very easily. Because of this fact, we strongly suggest that you read this page very closely.

All printers used for Heat Transfers are standard, off the shelf printers. There is nothing special about any of them. Most printers ( despite any manufacture claim ) print just as good detail wise as any other printer, for Heat Transfers.

There are FOUR General Ink Types.
  • Regular, OEM inks that are included with new printers
  • Heat Transfer Inks, especially made for the Heat Transfer Papers.
  • Achival Inks, some of which are also good for the Heat Transfer Papers.
  • Sublimation Inks.
                       FACTS ABOUT THE FOUR INK TYPES

Regular, OEM INKS
The regular inks made for some printers are actually decent. Some are not very good at all, because they wash out so easily ( unfortunately, this includes a great number of CANON and HP Printers. Whats important to remember is that OEM Inks are not made to print Heat Transfers. They are specifically made for printing regular paper.
If you own an INKJET Printer and want to use it, then the only smart thing to do is to test the ink that is in your printer. Print a transfer with it, heat transfer it to a shirt and wash it. If the results don't please you, they certainly won't please your customers.

These are inks specifically formulated for vibrant colour, able to withstand the high temperature of heat transferring and with excellent resistance to water. Plus they do not change colour when heat pressed - if your picture is Black and White on the paper, it is Balck and White on the T-Shirt.  See "customers comments at end of this information sheet "
They are nearly always cheaper, than regular OEM inks in cartridges. They are especially cheeaper, when used in a CIS Bulk Ink Feed System. There are many inks on the market. We only offer our own unique excellent brand of heat transfer inks " PERMA - TRANSFER INKS " for T-Shirts. There are others (some with really wild claims). I f you are not sure about the company, ask for a printed sample. Any company worthy of your business should be willing to provide some kind of small sample, ( We do ). If they won't send one, why should you take a chance.

These inks were actually developed to produce much longer lasting photographic prints (regular inks fade relatively quickly ), but some use them for heat transfer work. We confess to not knowing a lot about the different types of archival inks but mention them in the interests of balanced and complete information.

It is quite odd that we have noticed the fact that so many that use archival colour inks; say they use regular black ink. It seems that, for whatever reason, regular black inks wash better than many archival black inks. We don't know why. as always, before you make investments in an unknown, we suggest that you get a smal printed sample.

These highly specialised inks are normally used to transfer directly into polymer coating of specialised sublimation items and directly into fibers of polyester. These inks do work with our Perma Tee Commercial grade Heat Transfer Papers because the inks can bind with the polymer film that is transferred to the shirts. Dye Sublimation Inks will not work on any DarkWear Heat Transfer Papers or the Neenah Jet ProSoftstretch Papers.

Pure Sublimation is an entirely different type of decorecting process than heat transfers and is mostly used for products other than shirts. We don't suggest this ink for just shirt heat transfers ( mainly because of costs ) but, because of very high resistance to water, it is excellent for sublimators, who just need to knock out a few white cotton shirts.

                                   PRACTICAL IDEAS

The best printer and Ink to use is what fits your needs and your budget. There is no best way. There is only the way which is best for you. If your budget is really tight, don't spend your last dllar on equipment ( you will need some money to buy shirts too )
Instead, start smaller and get an inexpensive printer like any small A4 size Epson Printer Model. ( see which models are available now on our website ). Try buying one of our sample packs of papers. We have samples for using an IRON and for using an Heat Press, if you have one. If not call us to discuss which Heat Press might suit your needs.
Doing it this way will ensure a good start.

Work hard and smart and save part of your proficts to get " bigger and better ", when you cn aford it.

Although, we all want the very best, we wouldn't be a good supplier or friend, if we encouraged you to be equipment rich and cash poor. YOU NEED TO BE PRACTICAL. Unless you are using our option of FINANCE.

We do have many customers that have chosen this method.
Three reasons why financing your equipment can sometimes be good option.
  • One - it allows you to manage your cash flow better. Best to keep your money in your pocket.!
  • Two - When used correctly this can be used a tax benefit. Your accountant will be best to explain this to you.
  • Three - It allows you to upgrade your equipment at any time to continue the growth of your business, by     adding  to your Flexirent Account.
On the other hand, if you budget allows you to start off without needed borrowings, then definately consider our complete Printer Package including our CIS Bulk feed INK System with our own formulated Perma Heat Transfer Inks.
You will quickly recoup your initial investment costs and be producing shirts with a superier image.

We mentioned acchival inks above, but you will have to learn about that on your own. We have no option, either way except that we obviously choose to offer a to[-quality heat transfer ink, rather than archival inks.

Sublimation Inks, as we suggested, should really be considered primarily for the specialised decorating uses and then used for the occassional cotton shirt if needed.

Are you buying a heat press?





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